At the present OSOS has 4 ongoing programs or partnerships.

1. Young Guns is an initiative where high school students are mentoring elementary school students using the training curriculum of OSOS. It is a yearlong program presently funded by Community Foundation

2. Community in Schools partnership which allows us to work with over 70 young men in 3 of their TEAM UP sites

3. Catapult Academy partnership. At the present we are serving 15 young men in one of their Jacksonville locations. The goal is to partner with these young men to insure that the commitment to complete high school is achieved.

4. Leadership Week for Jacksonville. This is an initiative where a group of young men experience a week of activities in preparation for  the upcoming school year. They are then tracked throughout the year and activities are planned to insure a successful school year.

Our signature event is SAVE OUR SONS SUMMIT which is held every year in the spring in partnership with DCPS. Over the years hundreds of young men of all races and backgrounds have attended. It's impact is still being felt. We are grateful for the funding partnership of JSO who over the last two years has provided the funding needed.  Job Opportunities


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