Today marks the time where you actively make a difference or passively erode the community with inaction. By making a donation today, you’re making the difference for tomorrow.


To conclude ask the most important question, what is needed to sustain OSOS now? Let us share the following


1. FUNDING that will allow us to build the infrastructure needed for sustainability. We have done well but the challenges of providing innovative programming without staff is impossible. The need for funding that insures not only our present but our future is paramount. We will seek to identify ongoing funding sources and develop relationships with private partners who believe in the vision and mission of OSOS. Ultimately we desire to hire a full-time staff that will continue to grow the movement.


2. Continued partnerships. OSOS is not an organization in isolation but one that seeks our collaborative relationships. We strongly believe that no one group, entity or organization can deal with the myriad of issues facing African American males  especially teenagers. So partnership is a non-negotiable. We will strive to build upon existing relationships while seeking to expanding into other regions. We believe OSOS is a national movement and we will strive to connect with others who believe in our mission.


3. Finally, your prayers. In the end OSOS though not faith base in operations is faith built. It was birthed from a believe that God can through us make a difference. So with great faith we continue to press forward. Won't you join us?!!


Since the inception of Operation Save Our Sons, a number of young men have experienced the benefit of our dynamic program. Whether it be elementary school mentoring plan, middle school curriculum based assistance, or high school career objective and planning models, Operation Save Our Sons is in the community activating a success plan.


Your donation will go to work immediately to change the life of an individual and serve as an inoculation for the overall health of the community. Make a healthy choice and support.

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